Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How to invert black and white colors in Photoshop?

I was so amazed and impressed by Photoshop how easy it is to invert black and white colors.  Amazingly simple!!!

Ctrl + A --> Ctrl + I

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How to speed up launching camera app on iPhone4?

Answer is simple:

  1. Close the loaded apps.
  2. Stop the camera app every time you finish using it.
  3. Use shortcut from a lock screen.

Additional notes on the installation of IIPImage package on Ubuntu 12.04

I just wanted to add a note on installing IIPImage on Ubuntu 12.04.  When I tried to install the pre-requisite libraries, due to the unmet dependencies, I wasn't able to install  libfcgi0ldbl as described in the installation document.
% sudo apt-get install libfcgi0ldbl libjpeg8 libtiff4 zlib1g libstdc++6 libmemcached6
It became apparent that libfcgi0ldbl is not included in the default APT repositories in the Ubuntu 12.04 so that I had to download and install from a separate deb for this library.

Click on the download link and it should lead to the deb file you're looking for.


Lastly, it's simply running a dpkg command and install on Ubuntu.

% sudo dpkg -i libfcgi0ldbl_2.4.0-8.1_amd64.deb 
Now, you can go back to the instruction on the IIPImage package 0.9.9 on Ubuntu.